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Ravi Shastri to be India’s head coach? Twitterati toss between yes and no

India By ADMINJune 28, 2017, 12:41 pm2723


Buzz is that Ravi Shastri is applying for the position of the head coach after Anil Kumble resigned, and Twitterati is divided over it. Do you think Shastri would be fit for the position of the new head coach?

India’s disappointing loss against Pakistan in the final match of the ICC Champions Trophy hadn’t sunk in that Anil Kumble’s resignation as the head coach came as a double whammy. Ever since the shock came, there have been a lot of speculation as to who would succeed Kumble as the ‘head coach’ now, and Virender Sehwag’s name was one of the first. Now, Twitter is buzzing with news that Ravi Shastri, a popular commentator, is all set to apply
Confirming the news, Shastri told Indian Express that he is applying for the position. Wondering whether or not he’ll fill in the shoes, the social media networking site is full of mixed opinions. Some feel he should be appointed as the coach, but there are a lot of others who disagree. Amid the debate, there are a lot of hilarious memes flying around on Twitter too.

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